About Raspadilla’s Shave Ice

We are a Shave Ice company – working over at the Boiling Springs Pool and creating a cool summertime treat.

What is Raspadilla’s?

Raspadilla – translated from Spanish, is Snowcone.  But don’t get that name confused with what we’ve got!  Our Shave Ice are light and fluffy, with a flavors sticking to the ice throughout the entire cup!  Big portions, all natural flavors, stuffed or iced; you will love our Shave Ice!

What is Shave Ice?

Shave Ice is a dessert, shaved from a block of ice and flavored with syrups, ice cream, sweetened condensed milk and other toppings.

How Do I Order a Shave Ice?

All Shave Ice can be topped with one, two or three different flavors.  If you want a scoop of ice cream at the bottom, just tell us you want it stuffed!  Want to make yours creamy?  Then tell us to add cream – which goes great on all the berry flavors, and the coffee!  There are many other combinations and we can build you a special Shave Ice – just ask

And the Smoothies?

All natural and no added sugars.  4 servings of fruit in each one too!  Of course, if you add ice cream – which does add an extra bonus – then you have sugar, but still all natural (w/ vanilla ice cream).